I never grow tired of making a classic princess dress themed cake, so I was very excited when I received this order! I think it’s the fairytale quality that’s so enjoyable to craft... Or perhaps it’s that I’m able to combine my love for fashion with my love for cakes. I mean, who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to make a princess dress out of sugar?!

My first princess dress cake was designed by my eldest munchkin for her very own fourth birthday.   She was extremely specific about every color choice, detail, and design element…right down to the ruffle placement! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised; she is my daughter, after all!

When I received this most recent princess themed order, I sketched everything up, composed the color story…and of course, crosschecked my design with my daughter (a.k.a. The Princess Expert) for her final approval!  She gave me the thumbs-up, so I’ve decided it must be good enough to share with you!

I hope you enjoy!